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Client Love Notes...

A huge shout out to the most amazing travel curator in the world, Cherie Rose Martin. We are in this fabulous room because of her fairy dust!!! Wow.

I feel so blessed to have you curate our travels. You are born to do this!! Thank you!


And I just have to say I love how well you do this. You are made to do this! You rock. So impressed. You deliver extraordinary experiences Every. Single. Time! 

Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching 

There is a difference between hiring a travel agent and hiring a travel designer and there is no one that is more living proof of that statement like Cherie. As someone who was in desperate need of a break, I reached out to her and she was able to guide me to my ultimate luxury vacation in Mexico which satisfied my every need... on such short notice! Even when I had to add a guest at the last minute, she handled it all flawlessly, displaying her professionalism and work ethic as unmatched to anyone that I’ve met before (except me of course 🤣). I would never have found this hotel on my own and the quality of the selection speaks greatly to Cherie’s tastes for selecting hotels for the discerning traveler. From the gifts on arrival to daily check-ins, Cherie is unmatched in her field and she is undoubtedly my travel designer for life.

Fisayo Oluwadiya

Working with Cherie was a dream. Throughout the entire process, I felt super supported and heard. I'm really into meditation and all things spiritual. So when we decided to go to Hawaii, I knew I wanted to partake in activities that fed my soul. Only problem was, is that I was having trouble finding activities that felt authentic and grounded rather than super processed and touristy. Cherie came back with an amazing list of services and experiences and helped me book them. Swimming with sea turtles was  an unforgettable experience and the intuitive guidance and healing session she coordinated for me was wonderful. Cherie was incredibly attentive and available throughout our trip. If I needed anything I just texted her and she was immediately responsive and on it! We even had little treats delivered to our room throughout the vacation from Cherie. I just felt so special, taken care of, and loved! Thank you Cherie, for creating and curating such a magical trip for us!!!! You're the best!

Meg Sylvester 

Cherie! You are an angel. Our trip to Japan was incredible and we can’t thank you enough for all the work you put in. It felt like you were right there with us! From the start you made sure that we had exactly what we wanted in our trip and it made getting around Japan a breeze. From getting a room upgrade to finding the best restaurants you do it all! Without you we wouldn’t have been introduced to so many local foods, drinks, and people. You MADE our trip. You are the best at what you do and we can’t wait to see what you plan for us in the future.

Tori French

My husband and I used Cherie for trips to Turks and Caicos (house rental) and St. Barths and Anguilla (hotels) during the first two months of 2020. From the start, Ms. Martin was extremely personable, knowledgable and readily available with all forms of communication. She helped us tailor our trips to our specific needs and would always follow up to make sure that all details were completed and that we were more than satisfied at the end of each vacation. She even added a personal touch with a gift in our rooms upon each arrival. If you are looking for a personalized, pleasant and hassle free approach to travel planning knowing that all will be taken care of with often that little bit of extra care, we highly recommend Ms. Cherie Rose Martin as your personal travel expert.

Michael & Wendy Doyle

A big shout out and a massive ‘thank you’ to my beautiful wife, Cherie Rose Martin, for taking care of my travel requirements so perfectly and impeccably. Hands down the greatest luxury travel designer on the planet, delivering consistently flawless service, the reason Cherie is so brilliant at what she does is because in a world full of people simply out to make money, Cherie cares about every one of her clients and the experiences she gives them to the max. The Anthony Bourdain of the travel industry, Cherie is a rapidly rising superstar. If you get the chance to work with her, grab it with both hands — quickly. She is rapidly becoming so much in demand her dance card will soon be bursting at the seams.

Gregory Paul Martin 

Cherie Rose Martin is truly a gifted luxury travel designer.  I was also pleasantly surprised that this trip was less than I had originally budgeted for. This entire trip was amazing, and we will have more trips curated by her in our future travels. If you want a trip that will cater to you, and be nothing but amazing luxury, and decadence, have Cherie build you a trip that will leave you with amazing memories and awe.

Kristen Davis

Cherie is a hip “fairy godmother” for luxury travel. My first trip to Europe started out with just two cities; then along came Cherie, and a divine metamorphosis of splendor and enchanted beauty.  My experience could not have been as wonderful without all the options Cherie curated. It was beyond what I could’ve imagined. Cherie is intuitive and really gave attention to what I wanted, and then she gave me many options, magnificent options I could not have found on my own. My experience was majical, splendid magnificence only because of Cherie’s expertise and attention to detail. I am so grateful and thankful that the monies I invested into my travel, was everything I dreamed it could be and so much more! I also appreciate the comfort and security I experienced in having used a “luxury travel curator.” I loved that Cherie was well connected, and knew the places and the people where I stayed. Traveling in the future, I will always use Cherie, because she makes magic happen.

Maureen Keppert

This girl is legit. She lives and breathes her passion. I have seen her in action. Tirelessly and enthusiastically networking constantly and desiring to please her people. Everything she does is with pure intention and true passion. While she gets to enjoy these amazing places, she is truly experiencing it to pass on a greater journey for her clients.

Words can’t express how dedicated and truly admirable her hard work is.

You can’t go wrong trusting your travel experience to Cherie Rose Martin.

Jenn Fortune of Jenn Fortune Photography 

Memorable experience working with Cherie!


Cherie assisted us to reserve our stay at Ferme Saint Simeon in Honfleur: Not only was Cherie able to secure us a last minute reservation during high season, we got a great deal that included a special rate, breakfast and special welcome amenities! She remained in touch throughout our stay to ensure we were well taken care of and had an exceptional stay. We felt really special and could not be happier with our experience, I look forward to working with Cherie for our future travels.

Vincent Vienne, Managing Director of Royalton Park Avenue, NYC 


We came to Cherie because of her expertise in luxury travels and her connections to luxurious hotels. My husband and I fell in love with a destination five-star hotel in Mexico, she had featured on her page. Together with Cherie we planned out a spontaneous romantic weekend getaway to celebrate my 40th birthday, in paradise! I know it was a short notice on our part, yet she made it happened as soon as we contacted her. She is very professional, down-to-earth, and passionate about designing an unforgettable vacation! As our first experience traveling to a luxury hotel, we are so glad we had a chance to work with Cherie. She is genuine, friendly, and took care of us. She was as excited or even more for us. We highly recommend Cherie for your future travels! Thank you Cherie you are amazing!

Juan and Lisbet Fuentes 

I had the most spectacular time at Timbers Kauai! Cherie Rose Martin is incredible as a luxury travel designer and I highly recommend her for any of your travel adventures or weekend getaways. She takes her time in crafting your desired results as she has visited and enjoyed the amenities at all of the places she recommends. She takes the time to go the extra mile and has chocolates, crudités and always a special note of greeting!!  I am so grateful for her experience and appreciate her expertise!! And she is an absolute delight to work with!!!

Kari Kammerzell


Cherie Rose Martin is a top-tier travel designer and a wonderful friend. She arranged our accommodations for a beautiful trip to the south of France and we could not have been happier with the locations she chose. She has her finger on the pulse and knows how to live in style — in the historic city and in the bucolic countryside. Working with her is a dream, and one we'd highly recommend.

Lauren and William LoTurco

Yes, Cherie is a luxury travel designer, BUT do not mistake her abilities to work with many different budgets! 
She surpassed our expectations and had surprises planned for us upon our arrival. She was readily available with any questions we had while on vacay and did everything to insure we had a memorable time!
P.S. She can even plan your adventures, shows, etc., if needed. Trust me, she doesn’t plan your trip, and move on after payment has been received to never be heard of again 😂 She’s with you along the way if needed. You can surely tell and feel that her passion is helping others with their traveling desires 💜I highly suggest you reach out to her for any and all of your traveling needs! I can’t wait to have her assist us in 2019 🎉Cherie, you’re truly amazing with your traveling talents!!! Thank you so much, we love you ❤️

Francine Antista of Zenerous Life 

Cherie Rose Martin artistically created our New York City vacation. She has a gift for balancing luxury, location, time and cost for her client’s travel designs. We enjoyed a customized stress free and FUN weekend. The hotel was stunning and in the perfect location!!! She guided us to amazing restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Cherie has built timeless relationships in the hospitality industry and this was experienced during our stay. We enjoyed a VIP vacation for less than quotes found from travel websites!!! Thank you Cherie for all of your personal touches and attention.

Dana Donnohue 

Cherie Rose Martin is wonderful to work with! She's designing my upcoming trip to New Orleans. Already she got us a discounted rate at a fabulous hotel (with free breakfasts added on to the deal) and has sent us a list of restaurants to try while we're there. She listened to what we wanted, what we could afford, and what was important to us. I'm confident that by the time our trip actually occurs there will be even more special Cherie touches to mention. All in all, it is fabulous to be able to trust Cherie's knowledge of a city I've never been to, to know she's taking care of us, and to know that we will be getting the Prada experience on a Nada budget like she promises. I highly recommend Cherie's services to anyone looking to travel, no matter their budget.   

Melissa Hackbarth 

Ahhh! I have a luxury travel planner in my life! What a wonderful confirmation that my reality is shifting. This woman takes her job seriously and she is so good at crafting beautiful experiences for her clients. I had the pleasure of receiving special treatment and exclusive upgrades because I planned my experience through Cherie Rose Martin. She has taken great care to establish strong relationships with luxury locations all over the world and she brings that value to her planning. If you are considering travel and want someone to take the guess work out of the planning I highly recommend Cherie! (And she doesn’t just do high end luxury travel, she can arrange travel to meet most needs.). 🙋🏻‍♀️ I for one am tired of arranging my stays via online booking apps and getting to a destination just to find that it is nothing like it looked in the pictures and is in some god awful obscure location. Your time and comfort are worth something and by the time you pay extra fees and travel expenses, you may even find you come out ahead, and happier to boot.

Jamy Schumacher 

Cherie curated a dream trip to New York City for me, and accomplished more luxury in one weekend than I could ever curate on my own. She saved me time, money, energy, and stress and made the entire experience magical! I will use her travel designing skills for every trip I take from now on.

Torrey Shannon

My Dear and most favorite Personal Travel Designer Cherie,


I just want to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for designing my one day trip to New York City💗 I am so grateful that this whole experience with you became more than just a "one day trip.”  I got to have a “luxurious trip” without breaking my bank!!! Thank YOU for genuinely caring about my trip, even it was only one day!!  I can’t wait for you to be our Luxurious Travel Designer for our next family vacation!!


Oh by the way, I learned more about myself :) So thank you! That was a huge bonus for me! I can’t wait for my whole family to experience your Luxurious Travel Design! 


With Much love,


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