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A Queen was born! (& what inspired this blog)

I was a perpetual flower girl for all weddings

Moving mountains since 1991, I was born in Manila Philippines on April 29 at 4:59 pm. Funny thing about birth time. Here's a story for you...

As most of you know, my husband is a brilliant astrologer in another life (and in this life when he has the time!). He's taught me everything I know about astrology so I'm not so bad myself ;) According to my birth certificate, I was actually born at 4:25 pm but I just recently rectified it to 4:59 pm. The cool thing is my mother always remembered my birth time as 4:59 pm. I've been going back and forth between the birth times the past couple of years, still unsure, basing it off of key events in my life to rectify it.

Yesterday morning, I woke up brimming with inspiration, felt a push to get my name out there once and for all. Besides, you don't serve anyone by playing small.

"It's time to write a blog, Cherie! Stop hiding. Time to build your brand and your empire."

Gregory asked me where my progressed moon was in my chart (the time I was using was 4:59 pm). Ok brief astrology lesson: the progressed moon in astrology is our evolving emotions. So even though my natal (birth) moon is in Scorpio on the cusp of the 2nd house, my progressed moon is in the 12th house JUST a degree away from the 1st house. For any astrology wizards out there, you know that shit just got real. This is a MASSIVE shift in the evolution of my emotions. I left all the emotional baggage and old thought patterns in the 12th house and am swiftly moving to the 1st house... I am now treating life as my stage. I squealed in excitement when I shared the news with Gregory - he already knew! That man! Always 10 steps ahead of me. So that's how I rectified my birth time. Had it been the original, 4:25 pm, my progressed moon would have already gone over the first house MUCH earlier this year, and as you can see, yesterday was the special day that was highly indicative of a person finally owning her shit and the greatness destined for her. (Astrology tidbit: I have Chiron exactly conjunct my Midheaven (career): a tendency to be a great cheerleader for others in their careers, but struggles to claim her own brilliance).

I never thought I would be writing a blog as it's not really my thing. But I have a story to tell and an audience eager to listen. I am so grateful for this life. I knew as a little girl, living in the barrio of Manila, that I was a firecracker destined for greatness. I created this particular path to prove to myself how grand I was and am! We choose our reality and its circumstances to propel ourselves forward.

What lights me up like a Christmas tree is when I can inspire others to claim their God-given opulence (what I like to call "The Gush"- just call me your Opulence Guru). Through this, I witness people moving mountains because they simply annihilated their egos (with love, of course) and got out of their own way! I have already shared with a couple of close friends how I manifested my dream man through a process I created called, "Build A Man." The point is to have fun. The moment you're not having fun is your dead giveaway to stop what you're doing and choose JOY.

The secret is that there is NO SECRET. I am delighted to have you on board as I dish my so called "secrets" to creating the life of my dreams, while sharing our exhilarating travel adventures through my love of luxury boutique hotels, and inspiring the world with our ballsy and groundbreaking works of art in the world of Hollywood.

Welcome to From Nada to Prada. As my husband says to me, "Even Angels Wear Prada." This Angel is soaring in style.

Love (is all you need),


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