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He Said, She Said; Why Couples Who Fight Together Stay Together

Cue vulnerability post.

See the picture to the left? In a nutshell, this was Gregory and me 2 nights ago. We went all WIII on each other. For a good half hour too. To even begin explaining what caused the fight and the the fight itself is embarrassing though laughable - so I won't go into detail. It's so important to laugh at these things and breathe in, breathe out, move on. Interestingly enough, our huge blowout inspired me to share a few reasons why I feel couples who fight together, stay together.

1. Fighting fires up the relationship and keeps it from becoming monotonous. Personally, I would hate having a humdrum relationship (that's my Venus in Gemini in the 8th house, mind you). Give me some fire & passion with a side of spontaneity and I'm all yours! Now before you go and pick out a fight with your significant other, I'm not encouraging fights. I'm simply saying this: when we fight, we fight with la grande passion. We never lose sight of our relationship and we work as a team to resolve our problems.

2. Fighting provides opportunities for growth in a relationship. Pretty self-explanatory. People think marriage is 50/50. It's not. It's 100/100. You are dating and/or married to your EQUAL. Astrologically speaking, I have Natal Mars in the sign of Cancer. This placement typically avoids confrontations and just wants to keep the peace. Gregory has natal Mars in Aries. He has no problem expressing his anger. Rest assured, I have learned to become more vocal about my feelings, supported by my progressed Mars moving in to Leo. Grr, baby, grr.

3. Did it ever occur to you fighting is one hell of an aphrodisiac? Passionate fighting is sexy. Chances are, if you start off with a passionate argument, you'll polish off with passionate lovemaking. However, this is not an excuse to condone issues swept under the rug. This will only lead to resentment.

4. The experience you are left with is invaluable. Our argument on Monday night hit a deep part of my psyche and reminded me of my old thought patterns and past programming that need to be erased forever (through a process called ho'oponopono).

Nothing is sexier to me than transcending the ego with the love of my life.

How about you? What's your fighting style?



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