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We'll Always Have Paris

I am head over heels in love with a city I once yearned for deeply as a little girl. Paris is my happy place. It nourishes every ounce of my being (but mostly my stomach because I am such a FOODIE! lol) It's not merely a city but a world where dreams flourish and are REAL.

This evening, I'm getting on a plane to NYC for a brilliant Indie/Dark comedy film in our arsenal about Jim Morrison. I can't wait for you all to see it. I already miss her (Paris) and I haven't even left. I've basically been living out of a suitcase since I got married and have lived all over Europe and America; I wouldn't have it any other way. But as soon as I set foot in Paris, she enticed me in all her sumptuousness and I have been hooked ever since. Paris is my love drug.

Feeling a flood of gratitude for this magical life I've created. I perpetually celebrate getting out of my own way and embracing that what I desire in this life DESIRES ME! Act as if it's already happened. If everyone lived and breathed that very statement, you would be blown away at the power of your intent nor think a negative thought ever again. We already have everything. As I always say, God (or your word of choice) just wants us to party. It's not rocket science, folks!

I am sitting here with my espresso reading "The Magician", a book by one of my favorite authors - W. Somerset Maugham - and consumed by the art of people watching because it is a way for us to see ourselves in others. As Shakespeare said "Hold a mirror up to nature." When we are people watching, we are actually watching ourselves. This is the flavor my husband's work carries. His art through film/television/theatre represents reality and nature as closely as possible.

Thank you for following my journey. It's an honor.



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