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The (Quin)tessential NYC experience!

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It's about time I gush about my favorite hotel in America, and the only hotel I'll every stay at in NYC. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, The Quin Hotel on 57th and 6th (an unrivaled address!), a luxury lifestyle hotel in the heart of New York City.

Growing up, I dreamt about being a worldwide hotelier. Being Filipina, hospitality basically runs in my DNA. Though I didn't pursue that route, I've stayed at some of the most extraordinary hotels all over the world and I absolutely love to write about my experiences. I adore lifestyle brands and this hotel is certainly the BOSS of lifestyle branding/management. It is Modern Opulence meets Artistic Heritage. I like to think of my husband as the artist in residence :)

(PS: our Jim Morrison film is partly set in this hotel's unbelievable penthouse suite on the 17th floor! More pictures anon!)

On a number of occasions, the Quin has never ceased to amaze me. Always rolling out the red carpet, they've gifted us things from ornate, delectable wedding cakes to endless macarons and fruit baskets paired with our favorite champagne to - just recently - a dainty pot of chamomile tea with lemon and honey since Gregory has totally lost his voice. The attention to detail is insanely impressive! The fact that the front desk insisted the tea be brought to our room even though Gregory refused twice is incredible CRM in my humble opinion! The staff leave an indelible impression on us every time. I also want to add that the staff come from ALL walks of life and is the most diverse arrangement of people (the Tibetan & Malaysian housekeepers are the sweetest and most efficient workers!) I've seen in a hotel setting. The hotel interior and design is luxurious as ever, the walls blanketed by contemporary art. The soap and shampoo are floral yet gentle on the body and skin. Everything is presented in the utmost chic and detailed fashion (I mean the TV channel listing is made out of some velvety paper texture, wow!). The former hotel manager, Holly Breuche, is a dear friend of ours. I love that her touch is still very present in the hotel today. I love that she hired people with colorful backgrounds and who are passionate at what they do and not merely folks with just a ton of hotel experience. That was one of the biggest obstacles I had trying to break into the hotel industry. I once felt marginalized because I didn't have enough experience but oh did I have the passion and drive! I know that was all of my own creation to push me to the best version of myself that I am living and breathing today... a force to be reckoned with ;)

Attached to the hotel is an equally brilliant establishment of its own, a restaurant called, "The Wayfarer."Best. Eggs. Benedict. To die for! I could go for some right about now but my stomach is confused at what time it is. #jetlagblows

Below is the incredible cake and champagne they gifted for Gregory's birthday earlier this year. Mmm!

Aaand last but not least, gawk (hey, I once did!) at some of the photos from their opulent 17th floor Penthouse suite that we've had the gorgeous pleasure of staying in earlier this year.

This is the most magnificent place to stay and I encourage you to check it out on your next trip to NYC. Tell them I sent ya! I always say if hotels were people, well The Quin Hotel on 57th and 6th is Cherie Rose Martin to a Tee!

Grateful and overjoyed for this life and blessed to be sharing it with you. I mean, what is joy if it can't be shared?



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The Quin Hotel

101 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA

+1 212-245-7846