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Build A Man // How I met the love of my life: Kismet.

Our first photo together

Naturally, everyone I meet asks the same question, "How did you and Gregory meet?" I only appear to dread to answer because it's such a LONG story and reciting the long story doesn't do JUSTICE to the magnificence of it. It was absolute KISMET.

So this blog post is dedicated to hashing out the yummy details of meeting the love of my life, Gregory Paul Martin. In a nutshell? I knew he was coming since I "placed an order" by writing a contract to myself (Build A Man!), thoroughly writing out the details of my dream man. Yeah, it took 9 months (I could have given birth to a baby by then) but if you know me, you know I am the most patient person in the world. I like to say he was a tall order (literally and figuratively) so he was worth the wait!

Around April 2011, I had been single for just under 2 years. I dated my high school sweetheart so I didn't have much experience outside of that one relationship. After all that messy, first love heartbreak, I fell deeply in love with myself all over again so when Gregory showed up in my life, I was in a phenomenal place emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I was filled with elation about life just because. If you need a reason, that's not happiness.

One day, I decided to get playful with the art of manifesting by writing a contract to myself with the bullet points vividly describing the characteristics and behavior of my dream man. Ladies (and gentlemen!) reading this, it's crucial to be SUPER detailed and specific. The universe is listening! I've had many people ask about posting the contract and the details but it's so sacred, my heart doesn't feel it's right. You're just going to have to trust me. I got Gregory down to the core of who he is today (including oddities)... he is everything I've ever dreamt of and more. So every night from April to about early December of 2011, I reviewed the contract and signed on the dotted line (to myself). You should have seen the contract by the end of it all; it was DRENCHED in my signature. I totally sealed the deal with this one and not once lost hope, though it did take 9 months. It is important to add that I meditated to one of, if not, my favorite paintings of all time: THE KISS by Gustav Klimt. This very painting encapsulated my dream marriage. Opulent, celestial, sensual, transcendent, out of this world... you get the picture, no pun intended!

In December I signed up for a Twitter account because I was curious about its buzz at the time. Interestingly enough, a certain Gregory Paul Martin in Los Angeles had just signed up for a Twitter account too. Now you know on the side bar where they suggest "People you should follow"? Well, Gregory's face showed up and that's when I knew. I just knew the moment I looked at his face he was the one. The feeling that rushed inside me was absolutely indescribable, like accumulated tears ready to pour over because he had finally shown up and through Twitter of all places! I immediately wrote to him and he immediately tweeted me back and we had a bit of a banter going on that moved on to email. Then Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker tweeted about him to her 20k followers about getting an astrology reading with Gregory Paul Martin. Basically,​​ I have Patti Stanger to thank for giving me the extra cosmic push to reach out to Gregory, though I definitely reached out to him well before she made the public post.

Christmas Wedding 2012!

December 25, 2011 was my scheduled astrology reading with Gregory. He hired me as his marketing guru and we built a rewarding astrology business, operating purely on word of mouth, and worked alongside each other as producing partners on all our film/tv/theatre projects. We met in person March 11, 2012 and tied the knot Christmas 2012, exactly a year after the moment I first picked up the phone to speak to him.

I can't express my gratitude enough for this damn beautiful life and man to share it with.

My life is a fairy tale of my own creation and no, you don't have to pinch me, because I am living the dream :)

Thank you for reading my love story. I'd love to help you get started on yours.

As Gregory says "Love is like the #10 bus. There's always another one coming along in the next 20 minutes."

Happy building!



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