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A Day of Delays & Frustration Turned Immediately Into Overwhelming Gratitude

If you've followed my journey today, you saw that my flight to NYC got cancelled which landed us staying in Denver (after 4 reported delays) until almost 5:30 pm (I was originally supposed to arrive in NYC at 4:30 pm!) I didn't arrive to my hotel in NYC until 1 am the next day. The Quin hotel, my favorite hotel in America (but now most likely in the world) excelled themselves once again. I want to make a personal shoutout to Zachary Jones for arranging and surprising us with our beloved penthouse suite. We were overwhelmed with gratitude. After United Airlines lost one of our luggages and experiencing several hiccups along the way, this was a pleasant surprise.

Shown above:

  • The Quin-tini: my new favorite drink. I shall share the ingredients later :) (ladies you'll love this one!)

  • Gregory's favorite drink, Johnny Walker Black

  • The Parisian inside of me adores the colorful macarons and dainty rose-cut strawberry

Their attention to detail is nothing like I have ever seen before. If you haven't read my previous blog about The Quin hotel, please check it out and don't waste another second looking elsewhere for hotel accommodations in Manhattan. Look no further than this gorgeous boutique hotel that oozes sensuality, delivering modern opulence with no pretentiousness whatsoever.

Tomorrow evening I take off for Shannon, Ireland. I will be staying for a month in the gorgeous Ring of Kerry getting deep into another project that in a soundbite is Silence of the Lambs meets Ghost Whisperer. Ireland is the perfect place to channel this next work of art.

My life is a ride. Literally. & I wouldn't have it any other way.

In Gratitude,


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