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Stick to the Mom and Pop!

Le Relais D'Entrecote is a popular chain of supposedly enticing, delicious steak/frites restaurants in Paris. If you ever visit the city of lights, no matter how glowing the reviews you read, how long the lines you see outside one of their establishments, give it a miss. With no time to lose, I gave Le Relais a shot tonight, and was uber disappointed. Noisy, rushed, formulaic, it's like eating inside a high-end McDonalds or steak version of Red Lobster with cutely dressed waitresses serving you steak avec vin -- in a sentence, cheap n' cheerful steak n' fries aimed at the tourist market. Instead of wasting your Euros here, do yourself a favor and book a table at our favorites, Josephine Chez Dumont or Le Bon Saint Pourcin, or any of the other top notch bistros dotting the 6th Arrondisement, where we live. Infinitely finer, more sophisticated cuisine at the same price.

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