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Why Prayer Doesn't Work

​Before you come at me with "Really Cherie?!", prayer DOES work. I'm talking about a specific kind of prayer. It's the prayer technique we are ALL familiar with. If only I was a in a relationship, I'll be happier. If I have x amount of money, then I'll be financially free. Blah blah blah. Basically, I'm not happy until I have XYZ. You catch my drift?

​​Praying for these "things" come from a scarcity mindset. We are treating ourselves as these awfully limited beings with no power whatsoever, when in truth WE ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING. The world is wholly infinite and wants to give to us abundantly. The truth is, you don't know what you truly want/need at this moment in time. And why should you? For example, why would we pray for a certain job, relationship, etc., when what God has in plan for you is even more amazing beyond comprehension?

Prayer is not about changing our circumstances, it's about transcending them, and seeing ourselves through the eyes of God. I repeat, WE ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING. Remember, we are the creator of our circumstances. We created them to propel ourselves to live to our highest good. This so called "mess" people believe they are in is actually their message to the world. You want love? Emanate love. You want hope? Emanate hope. You want freedom? Emanate freedom. Embody the life of your dreams and the dream is yours. My favorite quote from ACIM (which also comes from the Bible): Ask and it is given because it has already BEEN given.

It's not rocket science, folks. We like to complicate our lives due to not feeling worthy, fear, or any other bullshit programming one has decided to deal with in this lifetime. That's all it is. The past is just a story we tell ourselves. Time to burn the book and write up a fresh one. Your life is a blank canvas and you are free to paint it as you wish. If you were able to paint up this life, obstacles and all, imagine your life when you start painting that Mona Lisa. God needs YOUR participation. When you start praying from happiness, from gratitude, from love... you will see miracles through His hands through yours.



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