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A Love Letter to My Wife

My darling Cherie,

The poem I wrote for you so many years ago, when I had yet to meet you – a poem addressed to the great love of my life whom I knew was waiting somewhere out there for me in my future – you -- captures as perfectly as possible the depth of my passion for you, and the enormity of my eternal regard for your beauty, sensitivity, intelligence, compassion and heart. You are the greatest gift to anyone in their lives. All of your many friends are so deeply blessed to have you. I as your husband and life partner am quite simply the luckiest man in the world.

Even for a gifted writer like me it was a challenge to conjure up words that succeed in capturing the beauty of your soul, mind and heart. Words seem so inadequate for such a task. They can approximate the feeling, yet no matter how beautiful and poetic they ultimately fail to translate the incredible experience of receiving your love. I remember the amazing feeling I had the day we met that you belonged beside me. “My God, if only I could experience the love of a woman like her” were the words that ran through my mind that night. Such an experience was one that had never occurred in my life until that moment, and I envied those men whom I felt had found their one true love.

I am so deeply grateful to you forever for opening my heart to the experience of loving you and being loved by you. You are the great love of my life. My heart belongs to you forever.

Yours for all time and beyond, Gregory

He has more cleavage than me!

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