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Why the City of Light Takes the Cake As Best City in the World

Hotel Buci

1. Paris is totally slaying the bread world. #baguettesalldayeveryday

2. Paris basically gave birth to fashion. You'll never see anyone walking around in pajamas to the outdoor markets.

3. The French know how to do theatre monumentally well.

4. A good night ends in cheese, wine and bread. So that means every night. #winning

5. Just being in the city makes you believe in love again. Stare at the Eiffel Tower long enough and you'll know what I mean.

6. Being a waiter/ess is a PROFESSION there, therefore the service is phenomenal. Plus they leave you alone and never rush you. It's perfectly acceptable to just chill with a cup of coffee or espresso #cafeculture

7. Paris has the world's greatest museums. Duh.

8. Jim Morrison of The Doors (my childhood crush and absolute yumminess) lived there and *died* there. Pere-Lachaise has to be one of the most fascinating cemeteries I've ever seen.

9. Shopping is heaven on earth. Even grocery shopping (which I don't enjoy) is a pleasure & can be quite therapeutic (the colors!)

10. Paris is the center of western Europe, therefore making it super easy and affordable to travel all over Europe via budget airlines or the Eurostar!

11. Paris is timeless elegance. She's gorgeous and knows who the fuck she is, never having to prove her worth & beauty to anyone.

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