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Written in the Stars

Us waiting to watch Fanny Ardant in a gorgeous Parisian theatre

The most accurate chart describing the ultimate destiny of a couple — romantic, friendship, business, or all three — is the Davison. Calculated from the midpoints of the dates, times, and places of two individuals, it describes in a stunningly precise way the purpose and energy of the union, and the impact the relationship is destined to have on the outside world. Synastry, how your planets aspect those of your partner, describe the way you make each other feel, how easily you can manifest your shared dreams. The Davison chart describes the ultimate destiny of your union. The Davison chart of Cherie and I is a stunning one and perfectly illustrates this truth. With the sensual sign of material pleasure, Taurus, rising, we would naturally appear to be a pleasure-loving, sensual couple — and with the ruler of Taurus, Venus (love, joy, pleasure, opulence) exactly conjunct the Midheaven (career/public destiny) in Aquarius (brotherhood of man), in a grand trine (easy, lucky, abundant, flowing energy) with Mars (passion) and Pluto (power/intensity) there’s no question as a couple we have been destined from the outset to make a powerful, joyous impact on the world. The cherry on the cake in the kite formation (extraordinary destiny), the tip of the kite where all the power comes out Neptune (spirituality/God) in the 7th house of marriage in Sagittarius, the sign of joy, adventure and the spiritual truth seeker/explorer/teacher. Jupiter (expansion, luck, vision) is also conjunct Mercury (communication) int the tenth house of our joint career/public destiny.

It’s a gorgeous chart. We are very fortunate. It’s meant to be. It’s important and deeply helpful when entering any new relationship, be it romantic or business, to explore the Davison as well as your synastry. You can avoid so many pitfalls and unpleasant surprises by consulting a gifted astrologer about this before engaging in full commitment. An example. Today we had lunch with Bruce Cohen, Oscar winning producer of ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. Before our meeting I drew his chart, and saw very clearly he and I are going to work together and be highly successful, making a great deal of money. It was a lunch I was not going to miss! One other fascinating point about the Davison is that it generates a date at which the two of you met astrally, on the plane not of this earth. The date Cherie and I met was March 11, 1974. I was seventeen, she was not yet born. In real time the date we met in Santa Monica, California, March 11, 2012 - no joke, check out the chart below!

Ah, la vie est belle!

Davison Relationship Chart

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