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Bringing Paris to New York City

Last Sunday, I touched down at JFK, launching the start of a 5 week holiday to myself. Saying holiday or vacation is sort of funny to me because work IS play, in my opinion. I've never felt a difference between the two. It's just living to me. So while I'll have plenty of me time, and time to see friends and family, I have lots of exciting projects under my belt that I can't wait to slowly reveal to you! 2017 is going to be a smashing year.

Yesterday my dear friend and favorite hotelier, Holly Breuche, invited me last minute to Benoit Restaurant here in NYC for a proper girl time luncheon. While I haven't been to the one in Paris yet, I was thrilled to know that it was Alain Ducasse's (one of my favorite chefs!) cuisine & restaurant. In that lunch period, she brought home to me in NYC. We polished off a gorgeous Santa Barbara Chardonnay wine (La Fenetre A Cote) and split a delectable meal of poulet-roti avec pomme frites. To all my francophile friends or just fellow foodies eager to try new cuisine, check this place out the next you're in the Big Apple. The restaurant gave off a rich, authentic French vibe from the lighting/decorations to the tables/chairs and even down to the mannerisms of the waiters. The portions were great and the food superb. The only comment I have to make is that the waiters sort of don't leave you alone/rush you (this is so American). Eating in France is an experience and people take their time. We don't eat to live. We live to eat. No wonder I fit in so well there ;) I am passionate about food & people and celebrating life together. That's what every meal is like in France: one big symposium!



Yummy in my tummy!
Me and the fabulous Holly Breuche!

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