I Live In a Hotel Full Time




For those of you who know me well, I've lived out of a suitcase since December 2012. So basically since I got married. Yeah, I lived in Los Angeles for a year but I just couldn't fight the travel bug. I was constantly on the go. I am a hotel connoisseur, building relationships with the managers/owners of every hotel I stay at and promoting their hotel lifestyle brands. With that being said, did you know I live in a hotel full time in Paris (if I'm not renting an Airbnb that is...)? The same rings true for every city I stay in all over the world. If you are traveling and want to stay in what Gregory and I call "frotels" (friendly hotels), we can hook it up and act as your personal concierge. 


Why do I choose to live in a hotel you may ask? Well, read on... 


There are major perks to hotel living.


  • We are the artists in residence. Sounds cool already, non? 

  • I love to live opulently without breaking the bank. I'm a major bargainer with the proprietor(s) of the hotel, negotiating a monthly rate that makes it more financially feasible to live in a hotel than an apartment. So I live well, beating the rate of living in an apartment. 

  • Room & maid service --- because it doesn't hurt to have the place spruced up a bit, right? As for room service, I hardly use it as I like to have picnics in our room while watching my favorite Gerard Depardieu films with the hubby. When we have breakfast it's free and we can come & go as we please (it's all about building relationships, people!)

  • Our sweet housekeeper does our laundry. But there is a modern launderette just around the corner of the hotel that has wifi! Believe me, if you were here, you would see it's a pleasure doing laundry there :) 

  • Cleaning/laundry/wifi/utilities/landline/tv are all built into the monthly rate. No hidden charges for me! 

  • 24/7 front desk service. It's like having a security guard. There's always someone there.

  • When I have my dog over here, he will definitely be allowed to stay with us. Paris is super dog-friendly and full of Jack Russells, interestingly enough. My fur baby will fit right in!

  • People think that living in a hotel means not having a permanent address. Wrong! I have mail sent to me all the time in our cute boutique hotel in the 6e of Paris! (24/7 front desk service so my packages are always received properly with no issues) I also have a NYC & LA address, and yes you guessed right, they are at our "frotels" LOL

  • I can pay my "rent" on my credit card so I can build up mileage points or get cash back, depending on the card I use! 

  • I don't own a car in Paris (thank God for no car payments) so no parking fees!

  • Marlon Brando filmed "Last Tango in Paris" outside our hotel. The hotel and its surroundings is drenched in history (Ernest Hemingway's hang was at La Rotonde Cafe; Brigitte Bardot lives right around the corner from us, etc.) 


Gregory and I are in the works of buying our dream apartment near Saint Sulpice in Paris and one on the French Riviera, just 5 minutes away from the Croisette in Cannes. But with all the extensive traveling, hotel living is perfect for me. I joke with my friends all the time that I'm on the non-plan plan. Maybe it's the millennial in me but I operate better when I live spontaneously, inviting the universe to pleasantly surprise me with the uncertainties of life. It's exciting! 












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