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The World Awaits You

Malibu, CA

Are you stoked for 2017? You bloody well should be. It's going to be deliciously superb for all of us. I feel it in my bones.

Now how about those New Year's Resolutions? New Year, New Me? Meh. Frankly, I don't believe in them just like I don't believe in goals. If not now, when? I simply believe in just embodying what I desire every second. I believe in placing your orders, and act as if what you desire has already happened. If you want to start doing something new that is the ultimate game changer for the New Year, whip out your pens and paper and start keeping a gratitude journal and embodying your inner abundance. This has been my way of life since I came out of the womb so I don't know any other way. I find myself saying "Thank You" almost involuntarily to every thing in life, good AND bad. A good habit, I guess ;) You see, I believe where most people get the law of attraction thing wrong is that they sit there writing themselves a blank check or obsessively putting stuff on their vision boards, waiting for the universe to deliver the goodies, while twiddling their thumbs impatiently. How about we accept how good we really have it and recognize that the universe is wholly abundant and wants to give to us every second? That we already have everything? If you're not showing up as abundance, you will not attract it. Simple as that. Quit complaining how there isn't enough XYZ in your life. Of course there is enough... more than you can fathom! But how do you feel and experience that? Look at the vast yet small world around you. Meditate, connect with nature, a loved one/your pets, laugh at everything... whatever brings peace to your heart. Feel your gorgeous heartbeat that fuels your purpose. You have the ability to choose ANY life you want. How can you say you're not abundant? :) What's the secret? There really isn't one. Gratitude is your answer. Our ego wants to complicate it and keep us from our inherent opulence and happiness. This is not rocket science... but our ego wants us to believe it is.

In 2017, stop shortchanging yourself & OWN your immeasurable self-worth. Be mindful of your words because they are a window view into your reality. Happy holidays, everyone! The world awaits you :)

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