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Build A Man Addendum

I get tons of questions about Build A Man, which is essentially my trademark. How do you begin? Do you list categories? Do I burn it or create a ritual out of it? Yaddy yaddy ya.

We love to complicate things. Building your dream man should be the easiest, most fun exercise there is! The only rule I have is that there are NO rules. Because I like to keep things interesting and fun, what I did was create what I call a "contract." I used bullet points listing descriptive attributes of my man - I even went into detail of our lifestyle and how he particularly made me feel. I'm not kidding. Gregory's behavior and physicality was completely spot on/aligned with my words, even down to some intimate details LOL. Can you imagine his reaction when I showed him my contract a couple months after dating? Sure, I was nervous but I couldn't wait to show him. He was fascinated and chuffed; he loved every second of reading it. Because I treated it like a contract, I drew a dotted line and signed on it every night for almost 9 months. The paper was drenched in my signature. That was my way of feeling and knowing that Gregory was on his way. When you place your order at a restaurant, you don't stress/wonder if the food is going to be delivered and how it's going to be delivered. You just know it's on its way. Let's just say Gregory was a TALL order and took 9 months. To keep my potential doubts at bay, I just joked that he was on "backorder."

So no, I wouldn't say you need to burn it, do a nightly ritual. etc etc. That's rubbish. Just do what feels right. Have a bundle of fun. This is your life partner we're talking about. Trust that as you're putting pen to paper your partner is as elated as you are that they're on their way.

A funny thought came to me last month how astrology can play into Build A Man. When I look at Gregory's chart, I can so see how his specific natal aspects correspond with some of the stuff I wrote. For example, I'll just put this out there. Say you want a gentleman on the streets, but a freak in the bed. That could be Moon in Libra and Mars in Aries (my husband has this). Say you want him to be family oriented and an awesome chef. Maybe he's got a Taurus Moon and the Sun in the 4th house. How about an ambitious, powerhouse individual but a bit on the private side. He could have Pluto on the Midheaven (career point) and the Sun in the 12th house. As you can see, you can have a lot of fun with this and I'm only explaining a fraction of what it could be (think of all the planets and aspects involved!). I'm chuckling as I think of the astrological charades (a game we created) Gregory and I do when we have a little too much to drink ;)

Happy building! S(he)'s on his/her way....

Cherie xo

{PS - the photo above is my Build A Man, expressed in a picture. Unadulterated joy, passion and adventure!}

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