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NYC's best kept secret pizzeria

Last night, Gregory and I had a huge hankering for some pizza. As huge fans of mom and pop stores, Gregory found us a charming brick oven pizzeria off the beaten track but not a far trek from Times Square. Located on 9th Ave, just between 40th & 41st street, it felt like NYC's hidden gem of a pizzeria because its location is behind the grimy Port Authority Bus Terminal. I loved this adventure already! I mean, we did walk all the way from 57th & 6th. We were on a mission.

Here's a funny "touristy" pic of me as we strolled through Times Square en route to pizza! Gregory and I've been getting massive compliments on our ushanka hats and I must say, I don't hate being mistaken for a Russian. Keep people guessing, I say! ;)

A quaint, intimate establishment, it was lovely to walk up to Capizzi, as the smell of delicious Sicilian pizza whirled in the air. The pizza size was perfect, the thin crust slightly charred around the edges (my absolute preference). I was able to devour one for myself (granted I was super hungry!). The place carries an authentic, Italian laid back vibe. The pizza is not cheap but there's a reason for that. The ingredients are fresh, tasty, and beautifully presented. But emphasis on FRESH. Wow! The tomato sauce was so good I can't even put it into words. The sauce:cheese ratio? Outstanding! Hey, I'm serious about my pizza eating ;)

The service was fast and friendly & I appreciated that they left us alone and didn't hover around us. I ordered a gorgeous proscuitto and arugula pizza and Gregory ordered "The Loaded" which had about every pizza topping under the sun with extra anchovies :) The chef in the back even took a break to say hello!

So if for any reason you're near the bus terminal or even Times Square, give this charming pizza joint a try. It's like old school Italy bottled up just for you.



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