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Birthday Fit For A King (My King!)

Hooray! This Saturday is Gregory Paul Martin's 60th birthday. But let's get real. My husband is virtually ageless. #60isthenew25. I'm a huge believer in celebrating birthdays all month so that's what we've been doing. As usual, we are staying at our home away from home, The Quin Hotel - interested? Read my gushing review here.

My husband is tough to shop for. He's painstakingly particular (I mean this with love, baby!). 2017 is an enormous year for us on the career front so I wanted to go out with a bang. All month, I've been revealing gifts left and right.

Here are some of the gifts:

A Tommy Hilfiger wallet. Gregory isn't a fan of wallets at all but I found him the perfect one that wasn't too cumbersome. It's sleek and elegant, like him!

Christian Dior EAU SAUVAGE Parfum. He's had his eye on this for daysss in Paris so I made sure to snatch it.

Floral print long sleeve shirt - because he's been wanting to up his floral shirt game. ;) Now we can flaunt our floral shirt game together!

Levi's Trucker Jacket - Gregory used to model 501 Jeans back in the day; I thought he could make a comeback with the original Jean Jacket since 1962!

An engraved, leather whiskey flask. Gregory is the King of Scotch. This was great to bring for the theatre since drinks are ridiculously priced there.

A stunning, mouthwatering birthday cake designed by Empire Cake. Totally a propos with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Check this place out for the most opulent, delicious cakes for every occasion! It tastes as good as it looks!

Dinner for 2 at the Russian Tea Room. There's a hilarious scene that takes place here in Strange Days, our Jim Morrison film. I thought it would be fun to "recreate" the scene, while indulging in Russian delights and toasting our imminent success in the country itself!

Tickets for 2 for Swan Lake at the David H Koch theatre.

{I've never been so it was sort of a gift for me too!}

Such a moving experience - I bawled my eyes out drinking in the sound of Swan Lake - Suite from the Ballet Op. 20: I Scene

I am flooded with emotion and goosebumps every time.

Aaaand last but not least, my never-ending undying love for him ;)

So there's a sprinkle of Russia in his birthday festivities this year. Russia is on our radar big time this year. Looking forward to tell you more soon but it's hush hush for now! Stay tuned.

Please join me in wishing my quintessential Renaissance Man of a Husband a smashing birthday!!! If you have his email or number, please drop him a line! He loves hearing from you! God bless you as you have blessed us with your magnificent friendships. Our life is rich because of you!

Love to all,


PS - Big love and thanks to the staff at the Quin hotel for helping me put together a huge birthday celebration for my husband! Your CRM is top mark as usual!

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