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The Epitome of Southwestern Hospitality: Hotel Albuquerque

Having lived in Albuquerque for 11 years, I was pretty stunned at myself that I had never stayed at Hotel Albuquerque. I vaguely remember attending a business seminar there during my college days but other than that, I never properly experienced the charm of Southwestern Hospitality until I stayed at Hotel Albuquerque for 3 lovely nights.

First and foremost, a grateful shout out to Joey Salazar for such a warm welcome and upgrading us to a suite on the top floor - it was a marvelous way to wrap up Gregory's birthday month! It was a lovely surprise, given we had just come off a plane from Houston, after being delayed 3+ hours at LaGuardia airport the night before, landing us a night in Houston (comped by United, of course!). It was great to feel truly taken care of after a long trek. Situated in the heart of Old Town, the hotel's lobby absolutely oozed New Mexican culture and style, feeling festive but not over the top. Sounds of flamenco music whirled through the air, carrying an invitation to drop everything and dance. For my friends in Albuquerque who love the restaurant Gardunos, I highly recommend you start going to the one conveniently located in this hotel. It's like a hidden gem. I hardly left the hotel because everything I needed was there! {Thanks Joey for the restaurant vouchers... at this rate, I'll never leave the hotel in the future!} There's also the cutest little gift shop with the coolest NM trinkets and souvenirs. Gregory and I picked up a Scorpion necklace for our good friend's son who lives in Paris. I love that I was able to pick out such a unique item. In addition to being a gift shop, it's also a nifty convenience store. No more late night runs, as long as you can remember to pop in before 11 pm :) Since it was such a short stay, I didn't get to explore the other amenities but it is worth mentioning. The hot tub is open all year round; seasonal outdoor swimming pool; free parking (this is a huge plus for me by the way! I can't stand additional fees to park}; Old Town is literally walking distance and so is Blake's Lotaburger {this girl needed her burrito & green chile fix}; there is a wedding chapel outside the hotel where a few friends of mine have gotten married. This hotel is just picture perfect! I hope on my return I can check out the Qbar lounge and Casa Esencia night club. During part of our stay, we did a day trip to Taos by taking the High Road. It was for for extensive research to do with our serial killer novel and film. It was a fun, scenic, 56 mile winter wonderland of a drive and I got to explore and discover tiny villages along the way.

Our suite was comfortable, spacious, beautifully furnished and had a gorgeous view of the Sandia Mountains. The only comment I would have to make is that the rooms are a little outdated. However, it worked perfectly to pull off the Southwestern vibe.

I can't wait to return for another weekend getaway next week. I've surprised my sister, Isabella, with a birthday staycation. I want to thank the marvelous Joey and staff in advance for securing us a suite and for our celebration. My sister is turning 17. Ah, those were the days :)

While we're on the topic, another hotel under the Heritage Hotels & Resorts umbrella that should be on your radar is called Hotel Chaco. I would categorize it as a luxury boutique hotel. If this tickles your fancy like it did mine, let me know in the comments and I would be delighted to share with you their special introductory rate they have going on. Gifting yourself or others a little luxurious staycation is never a bad idea. The hotel is expected to open April 2017.

I can't think of another place to stay whenever I'm back in the 505. No more Airbnbs or Hotel Andaluz (another story for another post!) for me. Thank you Hotel Albuquerque for an unforgettable and comfortable stay. We can't wait to make more memories with you!



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