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20 Travel Essentials For The Millennial Jetsetter

My whole life in just 2 bags!

Ever since I could remember, I was bitten by the travel bug. I've lived out of a suitcase since December 2012. My life has been party central since then. I didn't want to put down roots. I wanted to see the world. Flash forward to February 2017, I still feel this way even though if I had to name my primary base, it would have to be Paris and New York City. Not bad for a noncommittal person to begin with, right? ;)

I get asked constantly, "What do you pack in your carry on?" and "How do you pack so light?"

Not even joking, my whole life is in one carry on bag and one large suitcase. And that's it! I fancy this minimalist life. Though I will say I do store my stuff in hotels all over the world and am constantly moving things around. Less is definitely more. I guess you can say I have mastered this art.

Without further ado, here are my 20 travel essentials for the millennial jet-setter and like-minded travelers.

1. Empty water bottle. Unless you have a drink that's less than 100ml, that bad boy won't get through security. Bring in an empty water bottle so you can fill it up after security.

Another creative approach... have you ever thought of freezing your drink before getting to the airport? It has to be totally frozen, not slushy. You're probably thinking what use is a frozen drink after getting through security? I head into a lounge and fill up a cup or bowl with hot water and thaw it out that way. May be more trouble than it's worth but it IS an option!

2. Passport. I joke that my favorite book in the world is my passport. And if you don't have one, please get one. Life is short. See the world.

3. Airline Reward Program. Choose an airline and stick with it. Rack up those points & reap the benefits. Brand loyalty is everything. At the moment, I am an avid fan of Air France and United Airlines. Norwegian Air is a cool airline if I want to fly budget. So is Eurowings (review on this coming soon!) Lots of bang for your buck.

4. Cashmere blanket. Total lifesaver. Bringing this immediately feels like giving yourself a free upgrade to First class.

5. Chapstick is my favorite given the low humidity in the cabin. Gotta keep the lips moisturized.

6. Blush & Whimsy. Get ready for lipstick heaven, the future of lipstick technology. It's like the mood ring of lipsticks. Read my review here.

7. My iPhone

8. Phone & laptop chargers

9. Macbook Air - to type away pre-scheduled blog posts :)

10. Journal & pen. Inspiration is everywhere. I find it very helpful to carry a journal & pen at all times. Plus, you'll be filling out forms on international flights and the last thing you want to do is fumbling around for a pen.

11. Thriller novel. Usually by my girl, Daphne De Maurier :) Currently re-reading Don't Look Now, a favorite.

12. Melatonin - to adjust that circadian rhythm. Works beautifully and it's all natural.

13. Change of clothes or at the very least underwear. If I had a dollar for every time an airline "lost" my luggage... Thank God I now have lost luggage reimbursement.

14. Face wipes. If not, Rose Mist spray. My kick ass friend, Kim Sevy, sells these. Every spritz feels like diving into a bed of roses. Let me know if you want in on this goodness. It's the pick me up and freshness needed for these long haul flights.

15. International travel adaptors. Thankfully, Gregory has had his for years. Make sure you're covered so you're not forking over the money at a gift/souvenir shop. If you forget, your hotel should have some to lend to you. Don't lose connection! Also, to minimize the number of adapters, think of charging your phone though your laptop!

16. Business cards. You never know who you're going to meet and when you'll need to market yourself. Also makes great bag tags to slip onto your luggage.

17. Scented Fabric Sheets. I place this all over my bag to keep clean clothes smelling fresh. Tip: throw a small bar of soap into your dirty laundry to combat the stank. :D

18. Cash in the local currency. Always a good idea just in case you hop into a cab that only takes cash. Cash is K I N G. Also when in a foreign country, ALWAYS pay in THEIR currency when using a credit card. Better exchange rate. Otherwise your bank will charge you crazy rates to convert into USD or whatever is the currency of your card.

19. A board game. Gregory and I carry around Backgammon. Yep. We're nerds.

20. I highly recommend to memorize your passport number and its expiration date. You'll thank yourself later.





I'm sure I could come up with more but 20 is a good start! Look at the photo below. That's my whole life rolled into one. Packing game on fleek.

What are your travel essentials?



Packing game on fleek :)

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