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The Best Thai Food Lies In The Heart Of Paris

The best Thai food I’ve ever had to date lies in the heart of Paris in the 6th arrondissement, Khao Thai. I fell in love with the mouthwatering Thai cuisine in 2015 and I’ve never looked back. I’ve uncovered a fair amount of this vast yet small world. Therefore, being the foodie that I am, I’ve had Thai food all over the world (will report back when I eat in Thailand! lol) but the one in Paris wins my heart. Who would have thought, right?

Most of our favorite restaurants are discovered simply by walking in. At the time, I was staying at a lovely boutique hotel on Rue Dauphine, just 2 minutes walking distance from the restaurant. I don’t like reading reviews on TripAdvisor because in my experience, I find I’m mostly reading unworldly American tourist views. For example, one of the reviews for Khao Thai was moaning about how old and dry the chicken was and the staff was bad mannered. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every dish is crafted so beautifully like they were sent from the Thai Gods. Also, the staff is remarkably warm, providing sharp and attentive service. I want to make a special shout out to Mech for being the most caring, kind, classy and hardworking waiter. It is such a joy to see him every time with his cheery smile lighting up the room. He also has our drinks prepared in advance so we can ease in nice and slowly over wine and conversation.

The setting is intimate and opulent. The lighting is sexily and goldenly lit with everything from the plates to the cutlery screaming sheer elegance. Though most may find the space to be a tad small, the ambiance is lovely and inviting enough so space was not an issue for us. Dining in Paris is intimate after all. We could hear the chopping of the fresh ingredients in the kitchen. This warmed our hearts and stomach knowing our food was cooked fresh and with lots of love.

Beautiful Interior
Intimate & Warm Setting
Wine Wine Wine
Le Menu

For starters, Gregory and I always share the vegetable spring rolls (Poh Pea). A bite into these bad boys is a party in my mouth. It’s the comfort food that warms every fiber of my being. Served with sweet, chili dipping sauce, this starter is a winner every time. In fact, I had some last night! :) Gregory has been nursing a cold so he ordered a bowl of spicy Thai seafood soup.

Poh Pea (Vegetable Spring Rolls) - Mouthwatering!
Perfect for nursing a cold

We’re pretty basic Thai eaters. We know what we like and we just stick with it. I am a Pad Thai aficionado so for my entree, I ordered my usual: Shrimp Pad Thai (Pad Thai aux crevettes). Gregory usually orders the same but last night he opted for a spicy beef dish with fragrant sticky rice.

The Pad Thai is unbelievably cooked to perfection with a distinct, zesty taste. After meeting the chef, I learned that they cook the Pad Thai with tamarind paste, giving it a slightly smoky and tangy flavor. I’ve never in my 25 years on this earth experienced Pad Thai of this creation. Holy Shit. Amazing. I know Pad Thai is normally cooked with tamarind but I guess I never tasted it before the way I do with this particular dish. I’m picky about how my noodles are cooked. In my experience, they can be too dry and without flavor. My dish was brimming with flavor and the shrimp was succulent and mouthwatering. Like I said earlier, every dish on the menu is a work of art. My dish was dressed with deliciously fresh bean sprouts, spring onions, tofu, a gorgeous purple flower on the side and an endless supplies of lime provided by Mech (I love lime on my noodles!). Too pretty to eat but a girl has to eat some time, so after admiring the dish for a small while, we dug right in! :)

The Best Pad Thai EVER | A Work of Art!

Unfortunately, we didn't get to dessert because of the copious amount of wine consumed. :) I’ll have to make it a point to enjoy their treats next time. Mech so kindly gave us a sample of caramel nut balls before our stroll back home.

The next time you’re in Paris, do give this outstanding Thai restaurant a visit and enjoy the opulence and deliciousness that will undoubtedly follow.

In the spirit of the movie Spinal Tap, if I could, I’d give this place an 11 :)

Happy eating,


Mech is a total sweetheart!
Gregory & Mech

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