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21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Luxuriating in Soho London

1. I can't wink (properly) or whistle to save my life.

2. My nickname is Tariray which literally translates to the word "Superstar".

3. I've never had a "real" job. And if I did, it lasted two days tops. Simply because I can't stand working for other people.

4. I have a fear of drowning which is why I believe I had trouble learning how to swim. Interestingly enough, there is a Fixed Star conjunct my Sun (astrology jargon) that has to do with my fear of drowning. I don't fear water per say, I absolutely love being in and around it, I've just never been a strong swimmer.

5. I met Matthew McConaughey when I was 16 at an RV park in Malibu, California. My father always used to say if I wasn't underage at the time, Matthew would have married me on the spot. #yeahright #thanksdad

6. I don't get star struck. I'm only star and love struck by my husband. (Is that silly?! Somebody pinch me!)

7. You may already know this about me but... I find it hard to stay still. I'm on the non-plan plan. I don't want to set down roots, I want to see the world. I have perpetual itchy feet!

8. I was born in Manila, raised in Albuquerque, but divide my time between Paris, Cannes, London and NYC. Vagabond for life.

9. I am not a sports person at all but if I had to pick one it would be ballroom dancing. I hope to take a class with Gregory this year. My favorite dances are Argentine Tango and Quickstep.

10. I am a friend to the world and an open book but I only have a handful of really close friends.

11. Do you remember the show on Disney "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody?" I literally live the suite life wherever I am in the world. Beyond grateful for making that a dream come true.

12. I speak French pretty well. I wish I was better at it but it's just a muscle one has to exercise. I am striving to achieve fluency. Also, I'm an advanced learner in the underrated, ancient art of astrology.

13. I lost my virginity to my husband. So yeah, call me a unicorn, whatever.

14. When I immigrated to the States at the tender age of 6, I didn't know a world of English except "Hello", "How are you?" and "Where's the bathroom?"

I think I turned out okay... ;)

15. I was a total social butterfly/nerd in high school. I was in Treble Choir, French Honor Society, and Calculus 3. Diverse, no?

16. I firmly believe in designing your life. I designed my husband, why can't you design your life? Get a pad of paper and pen out and get the writing juices flowing! #BuildYourContract

17. My husband, Gregory Paul Martin, is my greatest inspiration and teacher. He inspires me to be the best version of myself everyday.

18. Speaking of my husband, I created Build A Man to manifest Gregory. It involved writing a playful yet serious contract of how I envisioned my dream husband to be. He arrived 9 months later and though I thought he was on backorder, he finally arrived around Christmas Day 2011!

19. My passion lies in curating and promoting luxury lifestyle and travel brands, while inspiring others that it doesn't have to come at a hefty price tag. I am a proud member of SLH so naturally, I have a sweet passion for small, luxury boutique hotels, writing about them and sharing their magic to the public.

20. Being Filipina, hospitality basically runs in my DNA. I wanted to work in a hotel so badly until I realized I'd much rather stay in them and write thoughtful, authentic and honest reviews about them, always giving special shoutouts to the people who would otherwise go unnoticed:) I take my hat off to all the hard workers in the service industry.

21. I never thought I would be blogging in a million years as I am no writer by any means, but it's been such a joy to mark my little slice of the internet! Thank you for interest and support in From Nada to Prada... just a story of a girl chronicling her travel and life adventures in the world of show biz.

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