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Yet Another Quintessential NYC Experience

Awesome new art exhibition featuring the works of Robert Malmberg

I am thrilled and grateful to embark on my brand ambassador/influencer career with a hotel I have called home since September 2014. I stayed at my favorite hotel in America, The Quin, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World Club. This hotel is my little sanctuary amidst the jet setter life.

The moment I walked into The Quin, it was like a breeze of relief overcame my body. I was home. An unrivaled address, The Quin is conveniently located on 57th and 6th in the heart of Manhattan, just a couple blocks south of Central Park and walking distance to MOMA, Tiffany & Co, Carnegie Hall, and so much more! Everybody treats me like family and royalty, the staff always eager to know what I am up to. Like real connection conversations, not monotonous corporate hotel lines. Though they normally put me up on the top floor in one of their opulent suites, I was just as happy to be put on the 4th floor in a beautiful premier suite. More than enough room for this little lady! I was greeted by a dainty row of macarons and a half bottle of some great Cabernet Sauvignon. In an envelope was a gorgeously written welcome letter on a beautiful personalized Quin stationery from the incomparable and brilliant Sales and Marketing director, whom I now call my friend, Jacqueline Cox. When I walked into the bathroom, I let out a small squeal of excitement upon discovering how huge the bath was. So big that Gregory and I could fit in there together and still have room. I was in desperate need of bath time after a long journey so I ran the tub while proceeding to unpack for the night. I must also note that their bed is sheer heaven. It's Duxiana sleep system, the quintessential state of the art sleep system. This mattress is top notch and clearly responsible for why I don't have to count sheep at night.

Duxiana Sleep System - heaven

The Quin carries FRESH beauty products. They have quickly become one of my favorite beauty product brands. Such a beautiful, light, floral scent that is not harsh to the skin. It’s exactly like its name: Fresh! Every time I use their products, I come out with luxurious, silky smooth locks and glowing skin. Compliments abound!

Fresh Beauty products - has become a favorite!

Huge bathtub/mini swimming pool!
If you need me, I'll be here

Let me tell you about the in-room amenities. Outstanding. The mini contains all the beverages under the sun. The espresso machine is awesome. So efficient and modern. A wonderful pick me up in the mornings and throughout the day. Their snack bar has got to be one of the best I’ve experienced in a boutique luxury hotel. It’s like my midnight snack aisle. This is random but their beef jerky is first rate. So mouth wateringly good and tender. How apropos it is called Divine Bovine. I always look forward to digging in to those bad boys when I get a hankering for some delicious beef jerky.

Modern espresso machine

My midnight snack aisle

Normally I get turn down service but because I arrived late, I felt it was unnecessary (turn down for what? Ok, bad joke haha). Turn down service at the Quin is lovely. They leave out bedroom slippers placed on top of a delicately embroidered towel, turn down your comforter, leave water on the bedside tables, and play relaxing music from the television.

I woke up to a mini winter wonderland in Manhattan. It was glorious. NYC feels infinitely more romantic in the snow. I made myself a cup of espresso as I daydreamed watching the snowflakes fall - I mean, we all know I play make-believe for a living! :)

I cannot praise this hotel enough. I’ve never felt like home had to be a house. Home is a way of life. A way of being. I always used to say and continue to say, if the Quin hotel were a person, it would be me to a tee. Modern opulence meets artistic heritage (I mean Chagall and Georgia O' Keeffe lived here!) If any of my readers are in search of accommodations in the Big Apple, please, please look no further and book at the most luxurious and quintessential NYC hotel, The Quin. I’ve been dozens of times and find myself falling deeper in love each time. You can read my very first blog post on the Quin here to see how the love affair started and check out our last visit to celebrate Gregory's birthday. Tell them I sent you and await the red carpet treatment.

To Jacqueline Cox, Vincent Vienne, Amanda Adames and the rest of the phenomenal staff, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like the Queen of this residence. See you again in March!



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The Quin Hotel

101 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, USA

+1 212-245-7846

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