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BLOGGER INTERVIEW | Featuring Ari Marie of Arianne's Travel Journal

Happy March, my friends! I hope you're craving the beach & sun as much as I am - I hope to be doing exactly what the picture shows above in 2 months time! More soon on who is the stunning lady gracing the photo. :)

As a luxury lifestyle & travel blogger/influencer, I find it absolutely essential to connect and maintain friendships with other bloggers in your niche (or not, the more the merrier!). Blogging is a communal thing; if we are not supporting one another, we are not growing together. It's been a fun experience observing each blogger's writing and traveling style and their natural progression to success within their slice of the internet! Blogging is serious business!

I've decided to feature Arianne Marie, one of my first travel blogger friends, who has stunned me with her purity & kindness in what can be a rather shallow & competitive industry. Arianne and her soon to be husband are travel aficionados though her beautifully curated blog covers fashion and lifestyle, as well. What I found so special about her was her openness and kindness to talk to me as my experience hadn't always been like that!

It's an honor to feature this superstar blogger. Here's a glimpse into her vagabond life.

When did you start traveling? What made you fall in love with it?

I started traveling on my own when I was about 16 years old when I moved to Reims, France for boarding school and after that never really "came back" I started modeling and it just took off. However, I think I fell in love with traveling much younger. As far as I can remember my mom has talked about her own travels with me sharing the passion and narrating her own adventures.

What would you say is your travel style?

I would say flexible. I love a five star-all of the perks of being pampered kinda place but I also love the feeling of the sand in my feet while I fall asleep listening to the waves when camping. I can do just about all type! Probably only one I wouldn't enjoy would be a "bike travel" I really don't enjoy working out so biking through a holiday sounds like absolute hell to me haha. I love that you and your fiancé are also travel partners! How did you two meet and was it during your travels?

Thanks! We were both travelholics before meeting so when we first met we over did it! Traveling truly non stop. Now we have a bit more control. We met in Dubai, he was visiting for work and I was based there at the time. What destination is currently on the top of your bucket list?

ouff... hard questions but probably Bora Bora, Japan, Iceland.. list goes on! Show me some of your favorite photos on your travels!

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