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Luxury Bistro Dining in Paris 6e - Le Bon Saint Pourçain

As a self-proclaimed foodie, it's no surprise as of late I've been receiving endless requests of my favorite restaurants in Paris. Today, I dined at a petite luxury bistro that I've had my eye on since August 2016. Gregory's dined there once (now twice) and today was my very first time. Ladies and gents, I give you Le Bon Saint Pourçain, a stunning, intimate bistro, off the beaten track, nestled between Jardin du Luxembourg and St Sulpice, a truly unrivaled address.

It's a bistro so the menu and wine list are limited but nevertheless, everything is simple, elegant French cuisine, cooked to perfection. The atmosphere is cozy yet upscale. The restaurant hours are fixed and it's hard to get a table so I recommend to always book in advance. I waltzed in today in the gorgeous 80 degree Paris weather to pleasantly find a table available. I feel like it's taken me this long to dine here because it's always packed! I was one happy camper to say the least.

Love the French menu boards!

Le Bon Saint Pourçain is located on Rue Servandoni, named after the Italian architect, Giovanni Niccolò Servandoni, famous for designing the facade of St Sulpice. The location of the restaurant is utterly unique as it's on a street that not many people know about, even fellow Parisians! I only say this because one time I was in a cab heading to the apartment I was renting located right across there restaurant and my Parisian driver did know where Rue Servandoni was! It's a quiet, one-way street (with the exception of motorists zipping by) so you do get true tranquility while dining.

Hardly anyone! I love it

St Sulpice ahead

The staff are incredibly warm and inviting. Dominique, who I thought was the owner (apparently everyone did too!), is the most attentive and generous maitre d'. I felt taken care of every second. I wish him the best as he jets off to his next restaurant venture. He will be sorely missed.

There are 2 chefs who work in the open air kitchen and maybe 1 other waiter. Some may find it a claustrophobic setting. I find it charming.

For our starter, we had these delicately sliced tuna with courgettes and a delicious lemon vinaigrette.

Light and fresh!

For my entree, I ordered blue lobster paired with asparagus, the cutest, little mushrooms I ever did see, drizzled with langoustine emulsion. Art on a plate, for sure.

Best meal I've had in a long time

Gregory ordered a simple roasted chicken with cauliflower puree, greens and roasted potatoes.

Utterly delicious!

For dessert, we opted for mille-feuille. If you don't know what this is, shame on you. :)

Unfortunately, the dessert was underwhelming but since I was already so full from my meal, it worked out in my favor.

Cute mille-feuille

For all my foodie friends with a penchant for luxury, please drop by Le Bon Saint Pourçain & tell them I sent you! Your tastebuds will thank you.



Le Bon Saint Pourçain

10 Bis

Rue Servandoni




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