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A 5 Star Experience at a 4 Star Hotel Relais Saint Germain Hotel in Paris

Hotel Relais Saint Germain has got to be the most stunning boutique hotel in Paris, both inside and out. Located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement, tucked away from Boulevard Saint Germain Blvd and sandwiched between L'Odeon and the Sorbonne, every inch of this hotel emanates the literary history housed in this very building! Le Comptoir is the hotel's iconic restaurant run by chef Yves Camdeborde (famed for bistronomie), a place where people make reservations months in advance.

Formerly named "Let Petit Monaco" and later "Le Monaco" the property was renovated in 1944 to be come "Le Comptoir du Relais" now known as Hotel Relais Saint Germain. The renovation, thankfully, kept its original design from the 1930s. Before WWII their clients were Hemingway, James Joyce, Matisse, Picasso... hmm nothing to write home about I guess. ;)

Hotel Le Relais Saint Germain

Check In

Like I've said in previous posts, it is like Christmas day for me when I check into a new hotel. Hotel Relais Saint Germain has been on the top of my list of luxury boutique hotels to check out in Paris for quite some time.

The most gracious Marketing director I've met in Europe, Pauline Borrel, enthusiastically checked us in. We had stumbled in with a lot of luggage as we were headed on our Dordogne trip the very next day so we were concerned we'd have to store some luggage away. Paris, too, is known for having small hotel rooms and even smaller elevators. Pauline laughed and said we would have "plenty of room." She wasn't joking. She booked us into a Junior Suite and I couldn't have been happier.

Everyone was so incredibly helpful and genuine, allowing for a comfortable, cheery welcome.

The Lobby / Lounge

What a relaxing and gorgeous part of the hotel. You feel instantly calm and taken care of as soon as you walk in.

As you enter the reading/business lounge, you are greeted by two chirpy green birds. It's a wonderfully vibrant, funky, yet cozy room; if I had had more time, I would have read the night away here in this atmospheric place. Definitely takes you back in time.

Hotel Tour

Like a kid in a candy store, I jumped in glee and proceeded to do a hotel room tour with Gregory. Having him join in is fun. Always appreciative of the spunk he adds to my videos :)

The room was beautifully spacious and uniquely laid out. Upon entering is the bathroom - now that was cool. I especially loved the sleek white marble walls and gold pipe decor. As you all know, I'm a huge robe person. These were the softest robes I've slipped into this side of the pond :)

Relais Saint Germain Robes

As you step into the bedroom / living area, you feel a slight Oriental vibe in the lamps and the colors. I was a huge fan of the golds and reds. This room was quintessentially Parisian in decor.

Off to the side of the bed was a REAL bookcase. I make an emphasis here because there's a hotel on Rue Dauphine (Hotel Aubusson) I found peculiar because they had faux bookcases as their wallpaper. Why bother when you can have real books inhabit real bookcases?

This was my absolute favorite spot of the room. A gorgeous hub of the city. People watching is truly an art here.

I love city sounds and generally find it soothing, believe it or not. At night though, the double glazed windows came to the rescue to drown out Parisians wining and dining until 2 am or so :)


  • Free internet throughout the hotel

  • Babysitting Services

  • Breakfast included - Huge plus for me. I don't really think a boutique hotel should charge for breakfast, especially if it's just a basket of croissants and tea/coffee!

  • Multilingual staff - Never fear my American speaking friends! This hotel has got you covered.

  • Dry Cleaning / Laundry Service

  • Pet Friendly - Basically all of Paris is! (Did you know I've never seen more Jack Russells in my life than in France? My baby JR will feel so at home here!)

  • Mini-bar - I noticed there wasn't any coffee - just tea - which is fine by me! The beverages were so beautifully organized inside the fridge.

  • The Iconic "Bistronomie" restaurant, Le Comptoir - I didn't have the pleasure to dine in the restaurant because I had dinner plans that evening but I'm looking forward to making my reservation in advance for the next time! :) The restaurant is practically packed every evening with fulfilled faces (and stomachs!) Yes, I believe it is worth the "hype" but I'll report back when I've actually dined there :)

  • Air Conditioning - Hey, some hotels in Paris don't have AC so it's a relief this one does.

  • Separate room for toilet - Did I tell you the toilet paper is lightly powdered scented? How utterly Parisian!

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I urge you to book this hotel on your next trip to Paris. Don't dawdle and just do it. You will be in the creative & intellectual heart of the city in a hotel that oozes the rich literary history of the 6th arrondissement (the best neighborhood, but I'm biased ;) and screams utter perfection. I would recommend everyone in my other world, film and television, as well as my friends and colleagues back in America to this hotel.

I honestly cannot find one thing to critique as this hotel was flawless in every way. From the room, to the customer service to the small but appreciated gestures of delivering a cold bottle of water (not asked for either!) at 6 pm, you will be well taken care of at Hotel Relais Saint Germain.

Cooling off

Side Note of Gratitude

I want to personally thank the Marketing director, Pauline Borrel, for treating me with the respect that I have not been receiving from other hotels and lifestyle brands simply because "I don't have enough followers" or I don't have an "Instagram theme." F that noise.

The influencer industry is heavily saturated and can be so superficial. I pride myself on being a niche blogger and nurturing my "small" following, according to industry standards. She totally got that huge influencer or not, if the passion is there, there is no difference. So thank you, Pauline, for the respect & the most gracious welcome to a Parisian gem of a hotel.

Me and Pauline

Happy hotel hopping,


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Hotel Relais Saint Germain

9 Carrefour de l'Odéon, 75006 Paris

+33 01 44 27 07 97

I'm home :)

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