Four Seasons Santa Fe, Jewel of the Southwest

When I got invited to stay at and review Four Seasons Rancho Encantado, my first thought was "finally!" and sheer delight. How many of you even knew there was a Four Seasons Hotel in New Mexico? I was raised in Albuquerque, a hop, skip, and a jump from the deeply spiritual land of Santa Fe. I've known about this hotel for several years now and have always wanted to stay there. It is interesting to note that I haven't had the best experiences with the Four Seasons brand ranging from locations from Los Angeles to Europe. I am happy to say that with this stay alone, Four Seasons totally redeemed themselves.

Rancho Encantado
Love it here!

History / Location

Four Seasons Rancho Encantado was known as Rancho Del Monte (a dude ranch!) from 1932 until about 1968, when the new owners renamed it to Rancho Encantado. In 1998 it became an Auberge Resort and in 2012, Four Seasons scooped it up and reclaimed the Rancho Encantado name.

The actual location is not in Santa Fe but near the village of Tesuque, an enchanting 15 minute drive from the Santa Fe plaza. As you arrive, you will find yourself totally charmed by the peaceful, atmospheric and isolated setting --- this is New Mexico Luxury at its finest. The silence here is absolutely deafening. Nestled in the foothills of New Mexico, Rancho Encantado is a total oasis in NM's high desert, surrounded by juniper and abundantly blue skies. After all, Santa Fe ranks #2 as the city with the cleanest air in the world.

Check In

I drove in from Albuquerque so the trip up there was no more than an hour and a half. The drive was easy (though all uphill!) and enchanting, like I was entering a spiritual vortex. I was greeted by the friendliest valet. Parking at Rancho Encantado is surprisingly easy and stress free. You can park along the road and even park in the handicapped areas, given there is not a special event going on. Valet parking is free, too!

I was checked in by a cheery face, Danielle. She was new but I could tell was a natural at her job. I mean if I worked there, I would love every second! The hotel had me staying for 3 or 4 nights as I discovered a larger hold on my credit card. Gee, would I have loved that. Alas, I checked in for a night and proceeded to make my way to room 50, a standard room in a cozy casita.

The amazing view to the entrance

The Room

Each of the 65 rooms on the property are housed in casitas, equipped with wood-burning fireplaces and terraces. The decor is wonderfully Southwest modern chic and really captures the style of Santa Fe. I was in a standard room (Patio Casita) and was blown away at how spacious it was. A standard room is totally sufficient. Samir, my exceptional valet, gave me a thorough room tour and was so sweet. That night, he left me a thank you and welcome note at my doorstep. I felt extremely taken care of and like family.

Thank you, Samir! Incredibly thoughtful

The bed was divinely plush and I loved the big office desk. My favorite feature of the room had to be the wood-burning fireplace and the terrace.

From Nada to Prada Tip: Call housekeeping to enjoy in-room s'mores using your fireplace. A fun Four Seasons amenity at that!

I slept well that night :)
Love the wood beams
Love that fireplace!