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Blakes Hotel, Couture Boutique Luxury

All Black Everything

What To Know

  • Designed by interior designer, Anouska Hempel; each room is individually inspired by her global travels.

  • Considered the first luxury boutique hotel in London.

  • Tucked away on an incredibly quiet residential street tucked away on Roland Gardens in South Kensington, just minutes away from the pulse of London.


  • Restaurant featuring Asian + Mediterranean cuisine paired with an elegant wine curation.

  • Beautiful bath and bespoke bath amenities and the fluffy, soft towels!

  • Romantic, trendy, and dark if that's your cup of tea :)

  • Every room is uniquely designed.


  • The room I was checked into was quite dark and a little cramped. I was a little disappointed as the other rooms looked to be more promising.

  • Awkward greeting at check in and no help taking in my luggage.

  • We experienced rude behavior from a waiter in the outdoor terrace when Gregory had to ask 3x to order another drink.

  • Our AC was not working properly. The AC in the corridor was working better.

  • Gregory is a writer and the desk was just not working for us. There was a cumbersome Bang & Olufsen speaker - nice - placed on the desk that left practically no room for laptop space.

  • The carpet was too prickly and industrial for my taste.

But this was a highlight! I especially liked that it was served in crushed ice.

Not a lowlight ;)

Mini room tour

The Room

We entered the room to find all the curtains drawn. I understand it helps to keep the room cool but the sun was longing to shine through our room! The room was fine, just a little cramped and dark for my taste. The best feature was definitely the bathroom which I felt was the most luxurious part of the room. The bath took a long time to draw (what can you do) but the towels were lovely and soft. One comment I need to make is the placement of the toilet paper. Because there was no toilet paper holder, one has to reach for the toilet paper which was "trendily" placed near the towels, away from the toilet. Just my two cents :)

The terrace was nice, though not private because it's shared with the other rooms on that level.

It was a great bath!
Blakes bespoke bath amenities

In the closet, the in room bar came in the form of a picnic basket with healthy options including gluten free pretzels, great for health conscious guests.

The Restaurant

Located on the ground floor, Blakes restaurant 's decor was inspired by an old fashioned steamer. Here you will find contemporary, Mediterranean cuisine with a sprinkle of Asian influence. In the mornings, the natural sunlight pours through :) Enjoy a tempting Bloody Mary and while you're at it, entice yourself with the succulent scallops for lunch.

Blakes Below Bar - a trendy little underground spot for intimate libations, open to the public and hotel guests.

Courtyard - an escape to enjoy evening cocktails or breakfast. Limited on space but cozy.