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A Monumentally Memorable Stay at The Mandarin Oriental, Paris

What To Know

  • Located on the iconic rue Saint-Honore, the heart of the fashion district, the Mandarin Oriental Paris is a most vivacious city luxury hotel, with art deco inspired architecture and a lush urban oasis garden to boot!

  • Jean-Michel Wilmotte was the architect for this hotel which makes perfect sense because he was also the architect of The Lutetia in Paris, another personal favorite - no wonder I felt so at home here!

  • As far as room space goes, this hotel boasts amongst the most spacious rooms in Paris with the average room size starting at 430 square feet (40 square meter).

  • There are three restaurants under the direction of Thierry Marx, who specializes in molecular gastronomy. Did I mention there is also a smashing cake shop? ;)

  • The Mandarin Oriental Paris spa is truly one of a kind, equipped with magical Guerlain products and treatments.

  • The 138 Swarovski butterfly crystals suspended from the ceiling in the lobby is symbolic of the 138 rooms and suites. How beautiful!

  • All in all, the Mandarin Oriental Paris is what I like to call a love letter to haute couture fashion. If you want to experience a classic Parisian gem of a hotel, look no further.



  • Our valet, Alexei, was extremely attentive, immediately relieving us of our luggage, making for a stress free arrival.

  • Alex at the front desk was over the top wonderful checking us in and made sure we were greeted with champagne upon arrival. He truly went above and beyond to make sure every second of our stay was seamless. The whole staff oozed world class hospitality.

  • Our complimentary upgrade to the deluxe suite was a lovely and a much appreciated gesture. After traveling on the Eurostar from London and arriving moderately late that evening, nothing beats luxuriating in a stunning suite.

  • The entire hotel is infused with Feng-Shui starting with the separate elevators placed on opposite ends of the building to harmonize the flow of Chi and The Mandarin Oriental Signature scent swirling in the air. Gotta love sensory marketing, always leaves you coming back for more. ;)

  • Classy welcome amenity. Gregory and I loved our welcome treat of strawberries, a chocolate Eiffel tower - which Gregory immediately took a bite of - and the nice bottle of Sancerre. I'm super detail oriented so I would like to applaud the guest reception staff for spelling out Gregory's full name as well as mine. It is rather annoying when people assume Gregory goes by Greg or when my name is spelled incorrectly.

  • Stéphane Diquelou, the marvelous Director of Sales and Marketing, was extremely sharp (in the mind and in fashion!) and provided an enjoyable tour of the hotel. I was wowed by the hotel's Royal Mandarin suite which I was able to view in the midst of preparation for the guests' arrival. It can take about a day or two to prepare an incomparable suite like this.

Check in / The Room

First impressions matter. What a classy welcome amenity.

Quintessentially Parisian chic and bespoke to a tee, you can thank interior designer, Sybille de Margerie, for the striking colors, the feminine touches (there's a hair straightener in the bathroom!) and the understated yet refined touches of opulence in every inch of the room - I'm talking silk curtains and cushions and 500 thread count linens. Their glorious pillow menu is nothing to sniff at either! Can I just have one of each?

Can I just have one of each?

I was most impressed by the large bathroom because it felt so intimate and open at the same time, as indicated by the misty sliding doors. The deep freestanding lavish tub sits on top of a beautiful, eye-catching white mosaic floor. I loved that the room was adorned in what the french call hortensia (hydrangea). And everyone enjoys a Japanese toilet now and then, right?

My favorite room

So flirty and feminine! The mosaic touches were aesthetically pleasing.

You cannot go wrong with high end luxury wellness products, Diptyque! Lush on the skin and hair.

I was thrilled to see our suite had a Japanese toilet; the last time we experienced it was at the Shangri-La at the Shard in London. It just makes a stay extra special when going to the loo becomes a luxurious experience.

Why Japanese toilets aren't conquering America yet remains a mystery to me. :)

turn down for what?

Garden view from our sumptuous one bedroom suite's private balcony.

Gregory and I slept like a dream that night, we almost didn't wake up for breakfast! We descended to the serene inner courtyard and enjoyed a spot of breakfast, accompanied by the singing birds.

A la carte dining not your thing? Go for the indulgent continental breakfast buffet with all the pastries you can imagine to delight your palate. Not to mention the other five menus at your disposal.

Breakfast is served with l'eau furieuse (furious water) - a refreshing shot of ginger, lemon and lime juice, and sparkling water.

The smoked salmon eggs Benedict were a little soggy for my taste but still delicious. And don't get me started on the sausages. Scrumptious and some of the best I've had!

Mini room tour - thank you Mandarin Oriental Paris for overwhelming me with effortless elegance and opulence!